New Arenas at Cheap Paintball Exeter

Bridge at Skirmish Paintball Exeter

2013 has seen a great start for our Exeter venue, with loads of new players, and return customers all giving good feedback about our new game arenas.

Over Christmas we started building the Village, which now has multiple structures, including bunkers and small forts. Our bridge also saw a big upgrade last year, making it wider and longer, so gameplay would become more intense as both teams battled for control of the bridge!

Later this year, we will see the Safe Area undergo another transformation, adding more sheltered areas (for the lovely British weather we've been having!), and an expansion of the car park to add more spaces. Work will also begin on the large church, which will be the centre point of our Village arena, with accessible clock tower, great for the snipers among you!

Check out the video below, when Exeter Experience came and played with us, and recorded footage of the new bridge in action!