Cheap Paintball in Bournemouth

Play Paintball for only £9.99 in Bournemouth!

For only £9.99, you can play a whole day of paintball, and it will include your first 100 paintballs! 

100 paintballs isn't the limit though! If you are feeling trigger happy, you can always purchase more paintballs on the day.

Our Cheap Paintball venue in Bournemouth (Dorset Paintball) is just 20 minutes from Bournemouth, and set in 800 acres of dense woodland, split into 20 different game arenas. The safe zone is set right in the middle of the woodland, with 20 game fields set in all directions around it.

This gigantic paintball venue is full of themed arenas, including structures, forts, trenches, barricades and much more!

Our staff are highly trained, and work with a safe and professional attitude, as well as having fun! Their main objective is to give you the best day of Paintball you could hope for!



Paintball Bournemouth

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Paintball for £9.99

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Bournemouth Paintball

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Stag & Hen Bournemouth

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