Cheap Paintball in Plymouth

Play Paintball for only £9.99 near Plymouth!

For only £9.99, you can play a whole day of paintball, and it will include your first 100 paintballs! 

100 paintballs isn't the limit though! If you are feeling trigger happy, you can always purchase more paintballs on the day, or while booking.

Our Devon venue near Plymouth is just up the A38 from Plymouth, and only 5 minutes from Exeter city centre, it is set in 100 acres of forest with 14 themed game arenas, and multiple woodland arenas. 

While there are other paintball sites near Plymouth, talking from experience, and from customer ratings and reviews, most people would recommend making the Journey to our Exeter Venue, as the best Paintball site in Devon.

The Devon Paintball venue is the biggest paintball venue in the Southwest of England, and takes up to 250 players per day, who play Paintball, Airsoft or Laser Tag.

The themed arenas at Cheap Paintball nr Plymouth include a Bridge Assault, a Fort complex, a Village, a Vehicle Convoy, and countless trenches, bunkers and barricades.


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