Cheap Paintball in Portsmouth

Play Paintball for only £9.99 in Portsmouth!

For only £9.99, you can play a whole day of paintball, and it will include your first 100 paintballs! 

100 paintballs isn't the limit though! If you are feeling trigger happy, you can always purchase more paintballs on the day, or when booking.

Our Cheap Paintball venue in Portsmouth was established in 1990, and with over 100 acres of natural woodland to explore, and multiple themed paintball arenas, its sure to be an adrenaline packed day out!

All of the equipment is highly maintained by our highly trained and professional staff, who also ensure that all kit is ready and safe to use every day. 

Our nearest venue is Just up the M27, and A32 just 15 minutes from Portsmouth!

Paintball is an exciting, adrenaline filled activity that can be enjoyed by all the family. It requires team work, tactics and enthusiasm to eliminate the opposing team and achieve objectives. Due to the versatility of the sport, it can be played by people of all shapes and fitness levels!


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Paintball For £9.99

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