Cheap Paintball in Sheffield

Play Paintball for only £9.99 in Sheffield!

Sheffield paintball has never been so affordable and so exciting. Come and play paintball at this award-winning venue for just £9.99 and we’ll chuck in 100 paintballs absolutely free!

For just £9.99 you’ll get a full day of paintball, site entrance, 100 FREE paintballs AND full kit hire as well as an out-of-this-world paintball adventure that you’ll never forget.

Our Sheffield paintball venue is noted for its huge, exciting and awe-inspiring game zones, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re storming the castle, diving through the trenches or preparing for all out carnage on our Hyperball field, you better have your itchy trigger finger at the ready!

Our Sheffield venue isn’t just noted for its amazing game zones or our of this world facilities. Our highly trained staff and marshals are on hand to provide the very finest service and safety available.

So why not book yourself into our paintball Sheffield today enjoy an incredibly cheap paintball day out at a world class venue!


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Paintball for £9.99

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