Cheap Paintball in Suffolk

Play Paintball for only £9.99 in Suffolk!

For only £9.99, you can play a whole day of paintball, and it will include your first 100 paintballs! 

100 paintballs isn't the limit though! If you are feeling trigger happy, you can always purchase more paintballs on the day, or when booking online.

Our Cheap Paintball Suffolk venue has 6 new thrilling game arenas, each expertly designing to provide intense and exciting battles!

Our most popular game zones at this venue are the Bridge Assault, the Towers of the Damned, the Jungle, and the incredible Speed Barricade arena, as well as countless natural and man made cover like trenches, barricades and bunkers!

All of our staff at Suffolk Paintball have been expertly trained, and behave in a safe and professional manner, with the sole objective of keeping you safe and giving you the best day of Paintball you could hope for!


Amazing Game Zones

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Suffolk Paintball

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Paintball for £9.99

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Suffolk Stag & Hen

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