Cheap Paintball in Thetford

Play Paintball for only £9.99 in Thetford!

For only £9.99, you can play a whole day of paintball, and it will include your first 100 paintballs! 

100 paintballs isn't the limit though! If you are feeling trigger happy, you can always purchase more paintballs on the day, or when booking online.

Our Cheap Paintball Thetford venue first opened in 1987, as one of the first venues in the UK, and it still one of the leading sites in the UK. This isnt down to luck! We make sure that every paintballer leaves us having the best day of paintball ever, and eager to return!

At Paintball Thetford, we have 14 incredible paintball arenas, that have each been cleverly designed to create the best battles, and fairest matches. At Paintball Thetford, we have A Village, The Maginot Line, A Giant Paintball Football field!, Speedball, and countless other cover like barricades, trenches, and bunkers!

Our nearest venue is 15 mins down the A47 from Thetford!

Our staff are safe, professional and fun! And their sole objective is to keep you safe, and provide you with the best day of paintball you could hope for!


Thetford Paintball

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Paintball for £9.99

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