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Paintball at Cheap Paintball Northampton

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What a great start to the year! We have had hundreds of happy customers, new, and returning to our Northampton Cheap Paintball venue!

A big thankyou to all the Stag Do's and Hen Do's and Birthday parties that have helped give this year a kick start, especially with the awful weather we had at the start of the year!

New Arenas at Cheap Paintball Exeter

Bridge at Skirmish Paintball Exeter

2013 has seen a great start for our Exeter venue, with loads of new players, and return customers all giving good feedback about our new game arenas.

Over Christmas we started building the Village, which now has multiple structures, including bunkers and small forts. Our bridge also saw a big upgrade last year, making it wider and longer, so gameplay would become more intense as both teams battled for control of the bridge!

Never played paintball? Why not send a Tweet and give it a go!

Fire a Paintball using a tweet!

Yep, thats right, users can send a tweet to this sentry gun device created by iStrategyLabs, and the gun will unload a shot at a whiteboard.

iStrategyLabs, based in Washington D.C. rigged a paintball gun to an Arduino, and set it up to respond to commands sent via the internet. Simply add the hashtag #ISLPaint to your tweet, and know that somewhere across the world, a whiteboard is being covered in paint.

Cheap Paintball!

Cheap Paintball UK wide Paintball venues

Cheap Paintball has finally been launched! We currently have 27 Paintball sites already in the UK, and over the next few years we will be bringing you news, and special offers from the Paintballing community, and from our paintball venues!

Cheap Paintball also work closely with the UKPSF (The governing body of Paintball in the UK) so you can find out about upcoming dates and scenario days here, as they are announced by the venues.

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